Southport Sharks Plots New Stadium, Residential Plans

Southport Sharks Plots New Stadium, Residential Plans

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  • Post published:November 22, 2021
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Article originally published on the The Urban Developer

Southport Sharks wants in on the Brisbane 2032 Olympics, unveiling a new “boutique stadium” for 8000 to 10,000 people and a triple-tower residential development.

Although the latest stadium was not listed in the official Olympic venues, the Sharks stadium designs were also created by Urbis.

The project would be built on the existing club site on Musgrave Avenue at Southport, to the north of the Griffith University Gold Coast campus and the Gold Coast Hospital.

The masterplan showed a new stadium, female facilities, outdoor entertainment venue, aquatic centre, basketball courts, a soccer field and netball courts.

A residential development with “opportunities” to add build-to-rent, retirement and affordable housing across three towers, would be built on the existing carpark.

The 13.5ha site capitalises on existing transport infrastructure created during the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Three images depicting outdoor sporting and music stadiums in Southport on the Gold Coast. The venues have open air and plenty of space for seating.
Southport Sharks will be home of its senior football teams in both the VFL and QAFLW competitions.

Southport Sharks chief executive Dean Bowtell said the plans also propose new facilities to support business, events and broadcasting as a leading sports tech sector.

“In the lead up to the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we are very focussed on the opportunity for Southport Sharks to be a cornerstone of Queensland’s emerging sports tech sector,” Bowtell said.

“We will keep building on our assets and the capabilities of our team, both on and off the field, to partner with other organisations in areas like athlete management, data analytics, wearables, fan engagement, stadium experience, esports and media, to position the precinct as the leading centre for sports tech in Queensland.”

Development across the Gold Coast has heated up since the start of the pandemic with properties increasing in value $400 a day.

One of the biggest projects in the city is in Southport, a 108-storey super tower by Azzura Group.