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Public Realm, Wellness and Fitness Centre Proposed for Gasworks Precinct

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  • Post published:July 31, 2020
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Cavcorp has submitted a development application for a new wellness and fitness centre at 20 & 20a Festival Place and 18 Longland Street, Newstead which is to be known as ‘Long Island’.

The proposed four-story building would include a large three-level fitness centre, a rooftop pool deck with spas, yoga pavilion, meditation room, bar and wellness rooms. On the second rooftop, a large landscaped green roof is proposed which will house a vegetable garden, beehives and tool shed. 

According to the development application, the proposed building provides an “innovative health and wellness experience through the colocation of diverse Olympic-endorsed equipment and facilities with evidence-based complementary and allied health therapies within a carefully considered and well-designed space.”

Additionally, a new open public piazza space is proposed which is located in the middle of the Long Island site. The piazza is set to feature interactive water features, garden beds, lighting, and an artistic sculptural pavilion for shading and climbing plants.

Proposed shelter design
Proposed shelter design
Proposed rooftop character images
Proposed rooftop character images

The landscape design for the Long Island proposal has been designed by Form Architects.

Source: Brisbane Development