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New Velobridge Planned at South Bank to Complete Bikeway Project

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  • Post published:March 27, 2020
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The Queensland government has proposed a new connection in order to complete a 17km Veloway (V1) which runs adjacent to the Pacific Motorway.

The dedicated bikeway would connect people riding bikes between Lower River Terrace, South Brisbane and Eight Mile Plains.

Upgrades to the V1 are progressing in stages to remove multiple road crossings and to improve safety where on-road crossings still exist.
Artist's impression of Velobridge to connect V1 veloway
Artist’s impression of Velobridge to connect V1 veloway

V1 Stage E is currently under construction. V1 velobridge at Lower River Terrace is in planning.

V1 stages map
V1 stages map

According to the government, separated facilities reduce the need for interaction between motorists and people riding bikes and improves the safety, comfort, amenity and travel time for everyone.

The V1 provides improved active travel connectivity to local bicycle networks, hospitals, shopping centres, education facilities and public transport hubs. – Queensland Government

A new connection from Lower River Terrace will enable bike riders to avoid crossing vehicle and pedestrian traffic on Lower River Terrace and having to traverse a steep, winding and narrow section of the Veloway 1.

The Queensland Government has committed about $1.6 million towards the planning of a velobridge at Lower River Terrace, South Brisbane.

Funding for future project stages, including further planning studies, design and construction are dependent on competing statewide funding priorities.

Source: Brisbane Development