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Gold Coast’s major role in ‘Brisbane 2032’ Olympics

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  • Post published:June 14, 2021
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Article originally published on My Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is set to play a major part in the ‘Brisbane 2032’ Olympics, with the event about a month away from officially getting the green light.

We’ve been included in the pitch to host 14 different events, across seven facilities within the city.

Olympic sports include weightlifting, volleyball, beach volleyball, judo, wrestling, golf, triathlon, aquatic (swimming marathon) and football prelims.

While Paralympic sports include powerlifting, sitting volleyball, football 5-a-side, boccia, triathlon and wheelchair rugby.

It’s understood Surfing has been included as a ‘demonstration sport’ for now, which may earn a spot in the games lineup once we’ve been confirmed as host.

That will likely be held here on the Gold Coast as well, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

“You can’t talk about that until you’re awarded the games itself,” Mayor Tom Tate explained.

“Once you’re through the post, as in you’re going to be the host city, then the host is able to nominate two demonstration sports.

“And I guess I’m just voicing our opinion early before any other city says what demonstration sport we should consider.

“A little bit cheeky. It can’t be official until after a decision (on hosting) is made,” he said.

As part of the plan, a temporary stadium will have to be built in Broadbeach. It will be built at the Broadbeach soccer ground right next to the bowls club.

Mayor Tom Tate says it’ll be a better location than Coolangatta was during the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

“I think the Broadbeach location gives more accommodation and more access, and it will be a larger venue than it was in Coolangatta.

“So that’s the essence of that decision,” Mr Tate said.

An athlete’s village will be constructed in Robina, which will house 2,600 athletes and team officials as part of planned residential development.

Mayor Tom Tate says they’ll be right next to the Robina Greenheart project, which will be allocated some funding in the upcoming budget to get the project moving.

“Additional funding for parks will be included in the budget, we were preempting the Games’ result, so we’ll be spending money in our parks to get it world-class well beforehand.

“Including, I’ll let the cat out of the bag, the Greenheart.

“We’ve got to get started on that now because we want to show the world that we’ve really got a Greenheart and that’s six times the size of Broadwater Parklands,” Mayor Tate said.

Other existing venues that will be put to use include CBus Stadium, the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre, the Coomera Indoor Sports Centre, Royal Pines Golf Resort and the Broadwater Parklands.

However, Gold Coasters are being assured that we’re not putting any extra ratepayer funds towards the event.

“I said to the Premier, we’re a very kind city. So a lot in kind.

“There will be a lot of joint funding in infrastructure projects.

“For example, I would want to accelerate light rail stage 4, any stadium that needs to get up to Olympic standard.

The Gold Coast is set to play a major role in the Olympic event, which has recently been renamed ‘Brisbane 2032’.

The Mayor himself admitted that with the number of events to be held here, it could even be a bigger size than the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

What was initially presented as ‘Queensland 2032’ now cuts out the assistance of Gold Coast, Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast in hosting the massive international event.

Tom Tate says it hurts, but the name isn’t the point.

“It started out as South East Queensland 2032, but my attitude is, look, they’ve got a majority of the games, they played second to us for the Commonwealth Games.

“We are more than happy to be in a supportive role,” Mr Tate said.